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100% Client Satisfaction Guarantee
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Why Choose Fresh Scents?

Give Yourself the Gift of Time!
Why spend the precious amount of “free time” you have, with the chore of cleaning your home. Maybe it’s time you joined the millions of Canadian households who have already turned to professional residential cleaning services as a solution to their time consuming chores. According to “Stats Canada” the average Canadian household spends 5.29 hours/week, or 275 hours/year on cleaning their home. Of that 275 hours/year 75-85% is done by the adult female in the home. By inviting Fresh Scents to maintain your cleaning needs on a regular basis you will have given your family the equivalent of 4-6 working weeks of time to spend with each other.

Secure, Bonded & Insured - For Your Peace of Mind!
At Fresh Scents we take the security of your home and belongings very seriously. We are insured, bonded and covered by Worker’s Compensation. All of our staff members are employees, and not unsupervised independent contractors. Upon hire each of our staff are required to sign a confidentiality agreement so you can feel secure that your business remains your business alone. You are under no liability in the event one of our employees gets hurt while cleaning your home. We throughly screen each employee prior to hiring with police and background checks. As well, we re-conduct these checks throughout the year to ensure security. Your belongings are covered in the event of theft or damage. We would be happy to show you a copy of our insurance and bonding certificate. If given a key to your home it is kept in a secured, monitored location at our office. Your key is only taken out on the day of your cleaning. It is coded in such a way that it cannot be identified by anyone but your team supervisor. Your name, address and or security code are locked and secured in a completely different area. This information will never be placed on or with the key tag.

Customer Service - We Cater to Your Individual Needs!
Fresh Scents is committed to ensuring your satisfaction by providing a highly personalized service. We first visit your home to determine your specific needs. We tailor our cleaning to fit your needs by developing a unique detailed “quality control checklist” outlining the work to be completed. Next we match you with the right staff who are trained to fulfill your specific needs. We then work with you to develop a schedule that fits your needs, and lifestyle whether it is weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning service. Our business model ensures that we not only meet your requirements, we exceed them.

Your "Quality Control Checklist" Ensures Thoroughness & Consistency!
We clean in teams because it’s more efficient, and it allows us to move larger things when necessary. This is something an individual house cleaner cannot do alone. Your team supervisor completes a home inspection using your individualized “quality control checklist” at the end of every cleaning visit to ensure consistency and thoroughness. A copy of the completed inspection is left with you and a copy is kept in your log book at the Fresh scents head office.

Efficiency - Saves You Time & Money!
Currently it may take you and your family an entire day to clean your home on a regular basis and it still has not been “deep cleaned”. We will spend the time and effort necessary on our first cleaning visit to get rid of all the old dirt, dust and grime that may have been accumulating for a long time. In general we spend a far greater amount of time on this first visit than on your weekly, or bi-weekly maintenance visits. Think of it as a “spring cleaning.” However, because we work in teams and use efficient cleaning methods, we won’t be in your home (or your hair) all day. In fact because we use professional tools and have specific training on how to clean efficiently we may find your team requires less time to complete your service. If we find that this happens we would be happy to discount your regular fee accordingly.

Our Guarantee to You!
If you are not 100% satisfied simply call us by 11am the next morning and we’ll return to fix the problem. We pro-actively seek your feedback so that we can continuously improve our service. You can fill out a feedback form on our website at any time that is convenient for you. As well we periodically call our clients to “touch base” and ensure all of your needs are being met and exceeded.

Specialized Equipment & Supplies, Make us Your "Health & Allergy Specialists"!
At Fresh Scents we care about your health and the environment. Your Fresh Scents cleaning team will bring all cleaning supplies, hepa-filtered vacuums and a vapor steam sanitizer with them. All of our cleaning products are made by us, using only the highest quality essential oils and a few other all natural household items. Our “formulations” are based on extensive scientific research, that has proven that essential oils are not only safer, and better for our health to clean with, but are also more effective than traditional chemical cleaners. (Click Here to see some of the Research). Our system of products and professional equipment will drastically reduce allergens, like dust, dust mites, mold, and pollen in your home (99.8% effective). Our cleaning products are environmentally friendly, as well as people and pet friendly. Fresh Scents is dedicated in making sure that your home is clean, fresh, and a safe environment for your family. We believe in a "Healthy Fresh Scents Clean".

We Give You Great Value at an Affordable Price!
More time to spend doing what is important to you. Top notch security and confidentiality systems. All staff are screened, bonded, and professionally trained employees on an ongoing basis. We protect you and your home by having Workers Compensation Insurance, and a $2,000,000 General Liability Insurance Policy. Customer service that caters to your individual needs. Individualized “Quality Control Checklists”, to ensure thoroughness. Specialized professional cleaning equipment & supplies that give you a safe, clean, and healthy home. Efficiency to get the job done on time and on or under budget! All this and a guaranteed “Fresh Scents” clean home at a competitive price.

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