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100% Client Satisfaction Guarantee
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Why is there a need for an on site estimate?
At Fresh Scents, we want you to be delighted with the cleanliness of your home, or business. Therefore, we have our Customer Service Representative meet you, and personally take a tour to assess your individual needs. The walk-through will enable her to give you the best possible price, as well as provide the detailed instructions for our cleaning staff.

What are your service rates?
We have found that it is not always accurate to give you a quote over the phone. We can give you an estimate but for Regular Maintenance Cleaning, we do need to give you an in-home, or on-site quote for an exact price. Our quotes are offered free of charge. This allows you to show us exactly what is important to you and what areas you want cleaned. First time cleanings are usually priced a little higher depending on the current condition of your home or business - we use this first time cleaning to get rid of all the “old” dirt and dust.

What about cleaning supplies & equipment?
Specialized Equipment & Supplies, Make us Your "Health & Allergy Specialists"!
At Fresh Scents we care about your health and the environment. Your Fresh Scents cleaning team will bring all cleaning supplies, hepa-filtered vacuums and a vapor steam sanitizer with them. All of our cleaning products are made by us, using only the highest quality essential oils and a few other all natural household items. Our “formulations” are based on extensive scientific research, that has proven that essential oils are not only safer, and better for our health to clean with, but are also more effective than traditional chemical cleaners. (Click Here to see some of the Research). Our system of products and professional equipment will drastically reduce allergens, like dust, dust mites, mold, and pollen in your home (99.8% effective). Our cleaning products are environmentally friendly, as well as people and pet friendly. Fresh Scents is dedicated in making sure that your home is clean, fresh, and a safe environment for your family. We believe in a "Healthy Fresh Scents Clean".

What time can I schedule Fresh Scents to clean my home?
Our residential services staff operates from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. We can schedule your home around your needs, however specific scheduled times are next to impossible for us to commit to. At Fresh Scents we schedule you on a regular day and give you a general arrival time such as between 9am-11am. Office & commercial cleaning is generally scheduled after business hours to ensure we do not disturb your business practices or clients.

What if my scheduled cleaning falls on a holiday?
If your scheduled cleaning falls on a holiday that is observed by our office, we will contact you prior to the holiday to reschedule your cleaning.

Can I change my scheduled cleaning?
We realize that you have busy and hectic schedules and may need to rearrange your cleaning date or time. We endeavor to accommodate you with those changes. Please give us a minimum of two business days notice to facilitate those changes for you. Because we guarantee hours to our cleaning staff it is important that you provide us as much notice as possible if you need to cancel or change a scheduled cleaning. If you give us less than 48 hours you will incur a $35 cancellation fee. If, on the day of your cleaning, our team arrives and is “locked out”, we must charge the full cleaning amount.
Lock-outs only happen when a client has not supplied us a key to their home. Although we don’t require it, we highly recommend that you provide us with a house key. We take many precautions to ensure that your key is kept completely secure.

How do you gain entrance into my home or business?
You will make arrangements with us upon the walk-through. You can be at home or office to let us in, or elect to give us a key. The most preferred method is a key to avoid lock-outs and fees. We take the security of your home and business very seriously, so we take many precautions to ensure this. If given a key it is kept in a secured, monitored location at our office. Your key is only taken out on the day of your cleaning. It is coded in such a way that it cannot be identified by anyone but your team supervisor. Your name, address and or security code are locked and secured in a completely different area. This information will never be placed on or with the key tag.

What about possible damage?
You can rely on the Fresh Scents cleaning team to take the utmost care in your home or business. But should an incident occur, we will endeavor to correct the matter by repairing or by replacing the item. Our insurance company can assist with any major concerns.
The most tragic form of damage is that of something irreplaceable either monetary or sentimentally valued. Rather than be sorry, the safest way to protect these items is to store them away on the cleaning day, or instruct us not to clean such items. Fresh Scents is not responsible for damage due to faulty or improper installation of items. Please inform us if any items in your home require this type of attention. Examples would be; broken or improperly installed blinds, tiles, curtain rods, loose carpet, pictures not hung with picture fame hooks etc.

What kind of insurance protection do you have?
Fresh Scents is a very responsible company we are insured, bonded and covered by Worker’s Compensation. All of our staff members are "employees" and not independent contractors. You can rest assured that you are under no liability in the event one of our employees gets hurt while cleaning. We throughly screen each employee prior to hiring with police and background checks. As well we conduct annual and bi-annual checks to ensure security. Your belongings are also covered in the event of breakage. We would be happy to show you our proof of insurance and bonding certificate.

What do I do with my pets?
During the walk-through, you can advise us on what type of pet you have and how they will be secured during the cleaning, along with any other pertinent details about them.

How do I prepare my home or business for the Fresh Scents cleaning team?
The Fresh Scents team are there to thoroughly clean all the surfaces of your home or business. Please pick up toys, clothes, and other items. Please make sure that floors, countertops, desks and dressers are clutter free, so that the team can concentrate on their cleaning duties, giving you a much better outcome.

Do you clean clutter?
We ask that you “tidy up” your home or business and that surfaces should be clutter free before we arrive to clean, so that your cleaning team can give you a really great deep clean. However, if you require some help getting your home organized and clutter free, we would be happy to help you with this service as well. Our team of experts can come into your home and help get things where they need to be, so you can start enjoying your home instead of dreading it! Learn more

Will I be able to “communicate” with my Cleaning Team while in my home, or business?
Absolutely! We are an equal opportunity employer, however, all of our staff must speak, read and write English fluently. However, it is best to contact the office directly via phone or email, so that notes or specific instructions will not be missed or passed on by the cleaning staff.

I am allergic to smoke, perfume and strong scents, is this a problem?
Fresh Scents is a smoke free company. Therefore you will not experience anyone smelling of smoke, upon entering your home to clean. As well employees are instructed to not wear perfume or strong scent hygiene products. Our cleaning products do have the essential oils natural scent to them but we can use formulas without the essential oils that are un-scented.

Do I have to sign a Contract?
We don’t have you sign a contract. We realize that doing our job as promised will continually earn your patronage.

Do you pay for referrals if I refer you?
Yes! Your next regular cleaning is half price when you refer us to someone who uses us! You could get all of your cleanings for half the price if you just spread the word to everyone. We thrive on referrals and are generous when you refer!

Is Fresh Scents a franchise?
No, Fresh Scents is a local company owned and operated by members of your community. Because we are locally owned, our prices are more affordable and we are able to be more flexible to meet your personalized needs.

Is there a guarantee?
Yes. If you are not 100% satisfied simply call us by 11am the next morning and we’ll return to fix the problem. We pro-actively seek your feedback so that we can continuously improve our service. You can fill out a feedback form on our website at any time that is convenient for you. As well we periodically call our clients to “touch base” and ensure all of your needs are being met and exceeded.

Who will be cleaning my home or office?
We assign a one or two person team to your home and every effort is made to send the same team every time. We pre-screen our employees carefully and place one of the team members in the position of team leader. The team leader is responsible for ensuring that every item on your personalized checklist is cleaned to our standards every time. You will be able to rate your cleaning services and provide feedback so we may correct any problems and continue to improve our services. Please keep in mind that having 2 or more people on a team generally speeds up the cleaning, so it’s expected that they will take less time than usual.

Will I have the same cleaning team every time?
We make every effort to send the same team to your home for every cleaning. When one or both of your cleaning professionals is ill, on vacation or has the day off, we make every effort to send one of the professionals from your team with a substitute. We understand the concern of having the same individuals cleaning your home on a consistent basis, but rest assure all of our employees go through an extensive training program to ensure consistent cleaning techniques throughout our entire staff.

What is your payment policy?
We accept cash, credit card, cheque or “autopay” service. Many of our clients find the most convenient way to pay is to give us a voided cheque for “autopay” service and allow us to process their cleaning fees each time we clean. Cash or cheque is payable the day of the cleaning or in advance, by prior arrangement. Payments not provided on the day of your cleaning may mean that we cannot clean your home, and will result in a non-clean invoiced fee (amount determined at our discretion up to maximum of your full cleaning amount). As well payments made by cheque, credit card or “autopay” service that result in an NSF will be charged a $40 NSF fee. Which is to cover the fee we incur from our banking services. If you forget to leave a payment, please call our office as soon as possible to insure that we clean your home, as we can accept a credit card payment over the phone.

Should I tip my cleaners?
It is not necessary to tip as we treat our employees very well, however it is completely up to you. If you would like to thank your cleaners or feel that they have done an exceptionally good job, you can give them positive feedback, using our feedback form. Our staff is rewarded for high customer ratings and length of service with bonuses and prizes such as free yoga classes and massages.

Do you offer gift certificates?
Yes we do! They make wonderful gifts, for Birthdays, Anniversary, Mother’s Day, Christmas, New Parents, New House/Moving Gift, Wedding, and Valentines Day just to name a few. They are available in any denomination of $50 or over. We can send them to you or the recipient my mail or email.

Can I use you only occasionally?
Absolutely. Most of our business is based on regularly scheduled cleanings (daily, weekly, bi-weekly) but if you need us to clean up before or after a party, need a spring cleaning or are moving to or from a home and need us to clean it for you, that is no problem. Give our office a call and speak with one of our staff to schedule a cleaning. Try us once as a fill-in and we’re confident you’ll love the “Fresh Scents” clean!

Can I hire one of your cleaning professionals directly?
It cost a lot, in time and resources, to find, interview, check references and backgrounds, perform criminal background checks, and train an employee. They sign an agreement barring them from performing any home-related services for any of our past or present customers. However, if you do wish to employ a staff member, our referral fee is $2,500 and is due in full immediately upon employment or use of the past/present employee, regardless if it is regular employment or on a contractual basis. We consider our employees our most valuable asset and charge accordingly.

Why are some services cheaper than others?
You find an ad in the paper for a cleaner who works for cash. This may seem like a great inexpensive option but in the long run it really isn’t. These individuals give the cleaning industry a bad name by not paying taxes and hiring “illegals” (click here to read more). Most do not carry any type of insurance or bonding, and do not screen themselves or others that work for them. For an eye-opening report on the “independents” vs. the “professionals” download this FREE Report.

How do I get started?
Give us a call at (519) 821-6000 (Guelph) or Toll Free at 1-888-821-6686 or email us to schedule a time for a representative to come to your home or business. On our first visit we walk through your home or business to determine your specific needs. We tailor our cleaning to fit your needs by developing a unique detailed “quality control checklist” outlining the work to be completed. Next we match you with the right staff who are trained to fulfill your specific needs. We then work with you to develop a schedule that fits your needs, and lifestyle whether it is daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning service. Our business model ensures that we not only meet your requirements, we exceed them. Start making your home or business “Fresh Scents Clean” today!

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